Stay True Tattoo Brandon Judd is a rip off!!!!

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Over two years ago I paid for art work to be done by Brando, for a project I was working on.The art work was for suicide awareness t-shirts after my sons death.

Over three months later, I receive a fraction of the art work scribbled on paper, scanned and emailed to me. It was total garbage!!! I have sent numerous emails. At first, he came up with excuse after excuse.

He no longer answers my emails. I paid $500 and received third grader scribbles!!!

He is a liar and a thief, an unethical business owner!!He still has my $500!!

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Wow is this lady really complaining that a TATTOO ARTIST didn't give her TSHIRT art?After she waited 2 years to try and get it?

Sounds like she should be posting on *** consumer instead off pissed consumer.

With a mom like that I'd jump off a bridge too!:grin


@ Joshua, You obviously have not been one of the very many burned by him! @ pissed off customer, he is not hard to find if you really want too. check out Las Vegas.

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I've received numerous pieces of amazing artwork from Brando at stay true tattoo.He is an amazing artist, very ethical, and has always treated me with the utmost respect, gotten me commissioned artwork in a timely manner and tattooed me with amazing quality tats!

This complaint sounds like this person didnt put much if any effort into talking to brando face to face, going to the shop, or doing anything that required any real effort in a timely manner, evident by the supposed two years that has passed and nothing but email complaints. Brando has nothing but page after page of outstanding comments, praise, amazing artwork, and Internet reviews when you google his name.

This Heidi Brunelle is obviously and extremely lazy person looking for a scapegoat for her failed business or some kind of a payoff?BS complaint.

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